James Stewart, PhD, is a founder of The Unlimited Potential Foundation and he continues to work with us as a licensed counselor for the greater good of our young persons. With a PhD and over 25 years of experience Stewart is more than qualified to help our participants with any and all of their recovery and mental health needs.

Lisa Bowie, CPRS, has been with The UP Foundation since late 2015 and is critical in our process for the peer recovery programs. Being a peer recovery specialist she is available for our participants to talk to about things they won’t wont to share in group but may need to talk to with a peer. The job of a CPRS is very important in the line of work that we do, and she will be a familiar face when you join us at The Unlimited Potential Foundation.

Clarence McRay, MS, CPRS, SMART Recovery Certified, has been with The UP Foundation for 4 years and is always in the office to work with Dr. Stewart as a counselor for our clients to ensure the best recovery process. He continues to grow his education so that he can better work with our participants year after year.

Alexander Conway, CPRS, as been with us since December of 2017 and continues to help us strive in the Peer Recovery portion of our program. Alex is another face you will get familiar with when visiting The UP Foundation, because he is always in office working on one thing or another, or he is running groups with our participants. As he is a peer recovery specialist he always plays an important roll as a peer and someone that the participants can go to with things that they may not want to share in a group setting, or are more comfortable speaking in a one on one session.